Super glue flex 21 - Elastic and flexible glue glue21 10 gr.

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Flex 21 is a glue valid for 12 months. Flex 21 isable to the last drop.

Thanks to its tips, Flex 21 Allows specifies, fast and efficient gluing. Flex 21 from Colle21 also works perfectly as a TPE, Glass and plexiglass adhesive. Non-hazardous product. Boats and inflatable hoses in Particular Benefit from the temperature and water resistance of the Flex 21.

The Qualities of Flex 21 Are: High Adhesive Properties, Sealing Function, Flex 21 is elastic and flexible with good adaptability to any type of soft material, gorns or interstices. Bottle Delivered with a precision blue cannula (22g) to obtain micro-drugs. Glue 21 to be stored at room temperature.

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