Who are we ?

The story of Glue21 begins with an intuition of our CEO Danilo Casu, which, 10 years ago, bet everything on an innovative product, the now famous Anaerobic cyanoacrylate glue called Cyano21. Well yes, we started with just a product in 2012, today we are proud to be able to boast of a catalog with more 100 products distributed worldwide and used by amateurs, of the model makers and professionals in all sectors. THE Cyano21 is unique of its kind, it represents the result of an evolutionary process which has lasted years and which guarantees the highest performances in terms of resistance and of sustainability. The characteristic that distinguishes it is the Anaerobic catalysis which is activated after about 10 seconds of continuous pressure of both parts to stick together. Protagonists in commercial fairs larger European countries such asGermany, L'Italy, there France and theSpain, during events such as World Static Modelism Championship has Statesa And Veldhoven to USA, reaching until Chicago And Tokyo. Among the many collaborations, it is important to remember that with Ammo by Mig Jimenez Stipulated in 2014 and which still exists. In 2021, the transformation of our company into Limited liability company takes place and the opening of a direct sales room open to the public, which allows customers to have direct contact and support for Montpellier, not only in relation to our products but by expanding the offer with brands such as Ammo, Titans Hobby, Takom, Rfm, Tamiya, Tiger Model, Ibg, Kinetic, Italeri and more. In 2022, on the occasion of Nuremberg toy fair, we manage to conclude important agreements with US distributors And East European, thus expanding the presence of the brand Glue21 in still unexplored markets and subsequently with Titans Hobby And Steel Models Distribution, for the distribution of our products on the Italian market with a new captivating graphic design, and at the same time, we will be able to distribute the products of Titans on French territory using our website www.colle21.com as sales channels, our social networks, OUR Office open to the public for sale and in all large fairs And exhibitions in Europe. All you have to do is follow us on social networks by looking for @supergluecolle21 In order not to miss the many news and promotions.

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