Acrylic Filter Sky Blue

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Ammo's new acrylic filters are designed to be applied directly to the model. This new range Allows you to add colour variation to your miniatures, harmonize various camouflage colors, or distinguish areas with a different tone. The Acrylic Filter can be Easily Applied with a brush, which avoids the needs for complicated masking. Monthten the brush with the product and apply it without flooding the surface. Thanks to the innovative formulation, the acrylic filters can be retouched or eliminated simply and easy with water daring the extension dry time, each filter will dry complies in 24 hours. These versatile Filters can also be applied by airbrush for an endless number of effects. Thanks to the Wide Range of 30 Colors Available, You Won´t Need To Make Complex Mixtures, Adjust for the Proper Thinning Ratio, or Adjust the Tone to the Intended Shade. Each Color can be mixed with one another, or tinted with other ammo acrylics. The acrylic filters can be diluted and cleaned with water, Acrylic Thinner A.Mig-2000 or Cleaner A.Mig-2001

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