7mm technoFoam21 - Dimension: 30 x 21

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7mm technoFoam21

Introducing technofoam21, The Cutting-Edge Expanded Foam Solution for Miniature Dioramas. Made from a unique thermostable Rigid polyurethane polymer, this foam has been specially designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding modelrs. Offered in Large Blocks, TechnoFoAM21 is available in different densitities and thicknesses, maximum guaranting adaptability for all your models.

Characteristic hand:

Premium Quality: Formulated with Specialized Chemical Compositions, Ensuring A Flawless Finish and Long-Lasting Durability.

Versatility: Available in different Sheets of Varying Thicknesses to follow any Type of Project.

Large dimensions: Oversized Blocks Provide A Large Work Surface and Minimize Waste.

Easy to work with: Easily Cut, Sculpt and Mold to produce detailed, Realistic Diorama Settings.

Thermal Stability: The thermostable Formulation Ensures that the Foam Mainters its Shape Under Different Thermal Conditions.


Creating Landscapes for Dioramas Such As Mountains, Valleys and Canyons.
Build Miniature Buildings, Structures and Monuments.
Create Natural Landscapes Like Lakes, Rivers and Fores.
Architectural design elements, foundations and other structures.

Tips use:

Use Sharp Tools for a precise and clean cut.
For sculpting and casting, use appropriate modeling tools.
For bonding or bonding, opt for glues compatible with polyurethane.

Keep Out of Reach of Children.
Work in a well-Ventilated are due to potential dusty releases while cutting.

TechnoFoAM21 has established itself as the reference material for modelrs wishing to infuse realism and finesse into their dioramas. Its Unique Formulation and Adaptability Make It A Must-Have for All Modeling Projects. Unleash Your Creativity with technoFoam21!

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