2 Premium Marta Kolinsky Round Brush

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The Premium Marta Kolinsky Series of Brushes by Ammo is made of the Highest Quality Natural Bristles, Providing Top of the Line Brushes to Those Modelers who demand a precision Tool for precise work. Their resilience, shape retention, and color holding capacity makes the ideal brush for any modeling techniques and subjects. An essential tool for painting scale figures, accessories, or afv interiors and aircraft cockpits. Can be used for all types of modeling paintings and products included acrylics, enamels, or oils. Perfect for Techniques Like Glazes, Blending and Outline in Figures, General Washes, Pin washes, Accenting Panels, Paint Chipping, Accessories, Aircraft, and Details and Highlights in Small Scenes and Dioramas. For care and maintenance, we recommend first cleaning with the appropriate thinner for the type of paint used. Once Completed, Use the Special Soap Long Live The Brushes A.Mig-8579. Before Storing, Reshape the Tip Into A Point and Cover It with the Protective Plastic Cap.

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