Découvrez les Avantages des Colles Cyanoacrylates et Résines UV LED de Super glue Colle 21 pour les Prothésistes Dentaires. Colle21 producteur de Colles Cyano.

Super Glue Colle 21, a French brand, offers a range of cyanoacrylate glues including Fast Glue, Dense Glue, and Classic Cyanoacrylate Glue, all specially designed to meet the precise demands of dental prosthetists.

Optimal Performance of Adhesives for Dental Prosthetists:

Fast Glue: Specially developed for dental prosthetic techniques, Fast Glue is a low-viscosity dental prosthetic glue that allows for ultra-precise and rapid application by capillarity, essential for emergency repairs and last-minute adjustments in dental prosthetic laboratories. Super Glue Colle 21 Fast Glue for dental prosthetists maximizes efficiency and minimizes downtime, thereby enhancing the productivity of dental professionals.

Dense Glue: Designed for interventions requiring high precision, Dense Cyanoacrylate Glue for dental prosthetics offers high viscosity that prevents drips and ensures total control during application. Ideal for assembling heavy or complex components of dental prostheses, Super Glue Colle 21  Dense Glue ensures that elements remain perfectly in place during the curing process, thus increasing the reliability of dental prosthetic materials.

Classic Cyanoacrylate Glue: This glue is a preferred choice for its incredible versatility and effective adhesion to a wide range of materials used in the manufacture of dental prostheses. As a flagship product of Super Glue Colle 21, our Classic Cyanoacrylate Glue demonstrates our commitment to innovation in dental prosthetics, facilitating all stages from initial assembly to regular maintenance of dental prostheses.

Innovation and Quality:

UV Resin:
UV LED Resin: Our UV LED resin for dental prosthetists is designed to optimize dental prosthetic techniques with its rapid curing under UV light. This product is perfect for applications where speed and quality of finish are crucial, offering exceptional performance for the fabrication of dental prostheses. Compatible with various materials for dental prosthetics, it can be effectively used in the creation of partial or complete prostheses, ensuring a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish. Ideal for dental prosthetists looking to improve their efficiency and the quality of their creations, our resin is a preferred choice for those who value innovation in dental prosthetics and the reliability of dental prosthetic materials.

To learn more about our cyanoacrylate glues for dental prosthetics or to place an order, please visit our website (www.Colle21.com) or contact us directly. Super Glue Colle 21 is your trusted partner for reliable and superior quality adhesive solutions.