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These sponges have been especially designed to apply pigments and washes. The soft material facilitates working on your delicate models without damaging the paint or the model itselfsurface details, and to remove excess pigment and washes very easily. We recommend using them this finishing product over a satin or glossy surface. The sponges are available in three different shapes to better suit the a variety of modeller?s needs. You can also cut them into other unique shapes with scissors or a hobby knife for more specific applications.
If you use the sponge to clean up washes, wait 15-20 minutes for the wash to dry and then gently pass the sponge over the surface to wipe off the excess. It?s possible to shorten theNote that the drying time can be accelerated with a hairdryer. You can makeUse several gentle several passes until the desired effect of either blending or completely removing the effect is achieved, either blending or completely removing the effect.
When used with pigments and enamel thinner, let the thinner dry for about 15 minutes or speed up the drying with a hairdryer. Then wipe off the surface. before working on the surface. If you use dry pigments you can start working on them right away. The product can be removed entirely or blended to create smooth transitions using the sponge shape best suited to the surface. As before, you can wipe off the product entirely or create smooth transitions, depending on the effect you need.

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