Legno Affumicato

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In the secluded corners of age-old forests, where trees stand tall with stories spanning centuries, there's a hue that captures the essence of nature's embrace with fire: "Legno Affumicato". This shade embodies the deep richness of wood, aged and darkened by the caress of smoke. It speaks of campfires around which tales are spun, of timeworn cabins bearing witness to countless seasons, and of the delicate balance between destruction and renewal. "Legno Affumicato" is the aroma of burning embers on a cold evening, the warmth of charred timber, and the silhouette of flames dancing against a twilight sky. In its depth, one feels the coziness of crackling hearths, the allure of ancient rituals, and the raw beauty of nature transformed by the element of fire.



RESIN: Derived from certain plants. Dried to reduce drying times.

POZZOLANA: Of volcanic origin, rich in minerals and partly rocky. Provides color, binding properties, and water resistance. Contains silicates of aluminum, calcium, and iron. In nature, serves as a fertilizer for plants.

ALUMINUM CALCIUM: Contains aluminum oxide. A mix of bauxite and calcium carbonate baked at high temperatures to produce iron and aluminum oxides. Accelerates solidification.


Environmentally Friendly: Composition is environmentally conscious.

Quantity: 250g of COLLE21 powder + COLLE21 vinyl + water = 400 ml of product.

Safety: Non-toxic. No primer required. Reduced drying times, in just a few minutes.

Instructions for Use:

Mix 60g of powder, 20g of COLLE21 vinyl glue, and 2 teaspoons of water.

Usage Recommendations:

After mixing the paste, spread about 2mm of product onto the base.

Decorate quickly (within 5 minutes max).

If more water is added, the paste becomes tough and harder to dry.

Possible decorations: stones, grass, gravel, moss, twigs, dry leaves, etc.

For a cracked earth effect: use less water.

For a dust effect: after spreading the paste, sprinkle and moisten with a spray.

Coloring: Possible with earths and pigments.

Dry use: Ideal as mortar between bricks.

Use as stucco: Applicable on various materials, including polystyrene, wood, ceramic, etc. Thanks to the resin, no primer is needed.

For a realistic ground: Dab with a damp brush after application.

Use as glue: Perfect for static grass.

Additional Resources:

For further tips and demonstrations, check out the videos by Francesca Diorama.

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