Colle 21 Two-component - 25ml

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Bi-component glue Colle21 is reactive, cross-linked bi-component acrylates stick between 25 and 30 s, the final strength after a few hours.

This duration depends considerably on the pre-treatment of the support. Suitable for small or large surfaces, Colle21's two-component acrylate adhesives prove to be more interesting than polyurethanes and epoxies in terms of crosslinking at room temperature,Reactive two-component systems Reactive one- and two-component systems are adhesives harden chemically and are liquid at room temperature.

The type of glue matters a lot in the success of a bonding job.

The choice is based on several criteria, including adhesion, waterproofing, versatility, resistance to temperature variations or adaptation to the environment (indoor or outdoor).

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