Super Glue Colle 21 FAST, Colle Forte Ultra Liquid

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Colle Fast 21 ultra liquid cyanoacrylate is a multi-purpose anaerobic glue that does not dry out after opening, valid for 12 months.

Fast 21 ultra liquid is usable until the last drop.

Thanks to its tip, Fast 21 ultra liquid allows precise, fast and efficient bonding.

Fast 21ultra liquid from Colle21 is ideal for all your DIY, repair or construction work. Ideal for bonding leather, wood, ceramics, rubber, iron, metal and plastic (except PE, PP, PTFE), Quick setting after pressing for 3/4 seconds.

Water and shock resistant and vibrations. Bottle delivered with a blue precision cannula (22G) allowing to obtain micro-drops.

Colle 21 to be stored at room temperature.

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