TTH006 : TRINITY gravity-feed double-action airbrush (0.2-0.3-0.5 mm)

Prix réduit€89,90


The new Titans Trinity (three-in-one) airbrush is a solid, reliable construction tool. With its very sturdy body and the ability to adjust the amount of colour delivered by the rear screw, the new Trinity comes in a very elegant shape and with a pack full of accessories. It's an independent dual-action gravity airbrush whose undisputed strength lies in its extreme ease of maintenance and cleaning, thanks to the nozzle, with Teflon seal, which is bayoneted into the tip. So forget about using spanners and spanners to dismantle the nozzle and, above all, forget about the fear of breaking the nozzle wire inside the airbrush, which is characteristic of past-generation airbrushes. Its ease of maintenance is priceless! Suitable for modelling, graphics, nail art, fine art, body painting, cake design and many other applications, the new Trinity is an airbrush with excellent value for money. Its rich pack includes : N1 TITANS TRINITY double-action airbrush n1 needle + 0.20 mm nozzle n1 needle + 0.30 mm nozzle n1 needle + 0.5 mm nozzle n1 2cc tank n1 5cc tank n1 13cc tank n1 complete quick connector n1 ¼ g to 1 /8 g reducer n1 180 cm canvas tube 1/8 g.

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