Activator21 Spray - 200ml - To speed up the glueing of Colle21, Cyanoacrylato Super Glue.

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 Activator21 accelerates the drying and gluing of Super Glue cyanoacrylate Colle21.

The Activator 21 Cyanoacrylate Super Glue, activator can be applied in two different ways:

Before gluing Apply the activator on one of the two objects / pieces you want to glue and wait until the spray then apply Colle21 on the other object / piece, quickly join the two surfaces and wait for the glue to dry.

After bonding: Apply the Super Glue Colle21 on one of the two objects / pieces you want to glue, join the surfaces, then spray the Activator21 on the joint and wait for the glue to dry, doing this will speed up the gluing time ( it is possible to repeat the operation several times to better glue and reinforce the piece in question).

The Activator21 is transparent and leaves no marks on the treated surface, it is not aggressive with paints and does not leave a lot of odors but it is advisable to use it in a ventilated room.

For a homogeneous result use the Activatore21 spray at 30cm from the surface.

Activator for cyanoacrylate Activator 21 can be applied thanks to its nebulizer included in the 200ml can.

Colle21 over the course of 10 years has created a line of ideal and indispensable products for Modeling, DIY, Dental Prosthetists, Unghierie, Body Shops and other activities.

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