Activator 21 LIQUID with applicator brush Bottle of 30ml. For Cyano Super Glue Colle21.

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Activateur21 liquid for cyanoacrilate Super Glue Colle21 is an activator that makes instant bonding at a very precise point, easy to use with its applicator brush.

It is used in combination with Colle21(cyanoacrilate glue).It makes it possible to join small parts safely without exerting too much pressure.

The liquid Activator21 for Cyanoacrilate Super Glue also accelerates the sticking of the Cyanoacrylate Colle21 The liquid activator21 can be applied in two different ways:

Before gluing: apply Activator 21liquid for Cyanoacrilate Glueon one of the two objects or pieces you wish to glue and wait until the liquid activator21 is completely evaporated.

Apply the Cyanoacrilate Colle21 to the other object or part, quickly join the two surfaces and wait for the glue makes its (instantaneous).

After gluing: Apply Colle21 Cyanoacrilateto one of the two objects or parts you want to glue, join the surfaces, then apply the Liquid Activator21 for Cyanoacrilate Glue to attach it and wait for the glue to set (2 to 3 seconds).

The Liquid Activator 21 for Cyanoacrylate Glue is transparent and does not leave marks on the treated surface. The application of the liquid activator 21for cyanoacrilate glue is very precise on a desired gluing point and very easy to use with its applicator brush

Colle21 over the course of 10 years has created a line of ideal and indispensable products for Modeling, DIY, Dental Prosthetists, Unghierie, Body Shops and other activities.

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