waiting for the World Model Expo 2022

Waiting for the World Model Expo 2022

Note: due to covid the World Model Expo data is changed from 2021 to 2022

an interview to Margot Crombeecke about her, our world and the world model expo

Hi Margot,

after many months of lockdown, and almost a year without modeling competitions, finally

many people will meet again at the World Model Expo 2022 that you are organizing in Veldhoven.

How did you live this period without demonstrations and that you had to postpone your world expo show?

For Robert Crombeecke and I, it was a large gap not to be able to travel to shows anymore. Being in touch with other figure painters is a huge source of inspiration, so I really miss the personal contact. Of course, there’s still Facebook, but you cannot compare it to actual “live” contact.

As for postponing the WME 2020, it was especially the before making the final decision was the hardest: should we continue the preparations, should we stop???? It was difficult and stressful. Once the decision was made a burden fell from our shoulders. If we had waited any longer with the decision, more money would have been invested and it would have ended a financial fiasco. We took the decision in tome and it was thought over well.

– Colle21, with his team, tried to continue to keep the passion for model making alive during the lockdown period joined with an online contest, in collaboration with Ammo by Mig Jimenez, enjoying some success.

Did you get to follow it?

I have to admit that, despite all the trouble that people took to organize them, I did not follow any of the online contest or events. There were many initiatives that were remarkable by Colle21, but online is not my first choice. We have considered something similar too, but the idea was put aside quickly, mainly due to lack of time and all the initiatives that were already taken by others.

– What influence do you expect from traders and participants to your event World Mondial Expo 2022 ? what measures of precaution will you take?

It’s pretty simple: without a vaccine or medicine against Covid-19, we will not host an event such as WME. Or the virus would have to vanish all of a sudden. For us it is unthinkable to organize such a show with so many people attending. It would imply having so many rules and measures, such an event is simply too big. To us, as show means meeting with friends and acquaintances in a free and unconstrained way. There is also too much money involved with an event this size and then we could also personally suffer heavy financial damage.

The shows that were organized in this period have proven that many traders, but even more visitors, are not willing to show up. And very important: we don’t want to be responsible for possible infections, or worse. Health comes first, always.

We are also sure that the turnout will be high, and this is why Colle21 will be present at this great event.

– A lot of people wonder, like traders, how have you had this much success in such a short time? , would you like to tell us ? How did this idea come about?

Well, “short” is a relative concept. In the figure world we may not be known that long with some people, but we have been around already for 13 years. And my vision is that if you want to maintain friendships, your friends should not only come to you, but you should also go to your friends. That’s why I travel so much. This is not only to meet friends but also to promote our show. And it has proven that our event has grown a lot since I started traveling. We do a lot of promotion and we keep trying to think of new concepts, improve things, create a better atmosphere. As I said before in this interview, we want to bring friends together and build a party for people who can’t see each other very often in real life. I personally always say that during the show weekend the hotel is our home and all our friends come to visit us. And often it is also literally that people stay with us before the show or spend an evening at our house.

– So , How did you come to host the world show? With great satisfaction after hard work?

It’s certainly an indescribable emotion and certainly a source of pride for the whole participating in this organization of the world show,

Would you like to tell us some details and all the emotion that you feel in organizing such an important event?

It has grown slowly. From the moment we thought we were ready to take on the organisation of such an event, Robert Crombeecke contacted Fabio Nunnari and told him we were interested in organizing the World Model Expo. That was about 5 years ago. Next we got in touch with more people of the World Model Soldier Federation, the umbrella Federation in charge of the WME and they have taken us through what they expect from us and a WME. It is not that our annual event SMC, simply gets another name for one year. You do have the opportunity to organize a World Model Expo, but obviously with their rules. Especially for the contest this is the case and very important.

And of course, everybody involved in the organisation is very proud and involved with heart and soul.

  • From year to year we have seen an increasing number of participation, both from leading companies in the sector such as Miniart, Meng Model, Afv Club and a succession of artists who, with their models making that kept the public curious, for the world show .

There will be some news for this important event?

– Can you tell us something?

Robert and I decided very early in the process that people/companies that helped making SMC to a success would be the first to able to book a stand for the WME. After all, the World Model Expo will definitely not be our last show and after this we will continue with SMC. So unfortunately there are no major surprises to share. Of course many companies had prepared special projects for the World Model Expo, and they will do the same for next year.

The growing number of participants is due to the fact that we visit many other shows and that we promote our show heavily. Getting out there is the best way to promote your own event.

  • Margot, you are one of the few women in this environment,
  • how did your adventure go in the world of modeling?

Honestly, there are really more women in the hobby then most people think, but many of them are more working out of the spotlights, but certainly not lacking talent. They just don’t have the possibility or interest to travel to shows. It is a misunderstanding that I am one of the few. I am however, one of the few who goes places, and I am grateful for that, because it adds something special and extra to my life. Therefore I truly hope that the world returns to normal soon, so I can travel again, or better, so that we can all travel again and meet each other.


-We saw and enjoyed your works, some fantastic miniatures! Which aspect are you passionate about mostly, painting or sculpture?

I am certainly a painter. I cannot sculpt and I don’t have to think about starting doing that. It would be a fiasco, because I simply don’t have the patience for it. I think that is also the reason that I make less elaborate bases and limit myself to painting the figures and try to make progress with that. I have always been a 100% oil painter, but I am now practising more and more with acrylics, and after years of getting frustrated by that medium, I actually start to enjoy it. It gives me the opportunity to continue working longer and in the future maybe also faster, enabling me to paint more figures. I am getting older, so I have to hurry to paint everything that I like ?

-Which miniature manufacturers are you particularly excited about?

That is simple question to answer. I don’t have one particular brand that I appreciate more than another. That is not a politically correct answer, but the honest truth. For me it is all about the subject. Sometimes I immediately love the figure or the bust and then it doesn’t matter to me which brand it’s from. If you look at my stash, you will find a large variation of brands.

  • Now can you tell us a bit about yourself outside of the modeling world, do you have other passions? Cooking, reading, sport, cinema …

Okay, let me think…..my biggest passion are my 5 grandchildren. At the World Model Expo all 5 of them will help out. The oldest two have been part of the team for years already.

Recently, due to Covid-19, a new hobby for me is nail salon and especially applying nail art. This is really just for a hobby, and I don’t take on customers. Just for myself and for my oldest granddaughter.

I have been creative for all my life and done many creative thing: making clothes, making jewellery, goldsmithing etc. I always say that I could knit before I could write. My mother had a craft store and knitting was her passion, so creativity has been our guiding principle.

Because of my health issues I had to give up many things, but I always found new ways to express myself. About 14 years go I accidently started drawing mandalas and proceeded further with drawing. Afterwards I attended classes for mixed media on canvas and when I didn’t get further in that, because I was unable to work with acrylic paint properly I went to the Art Academy in Belgium for three years to learn how to paint with oil paints. Then I became acquainted with the figure painting world through SMC.

I also like to cook, but that is not necessarily a hobby. I so cook every day, because I think that eating fresh and healthy food is important. I also read every day, in bed before going to sleep. If I can stay awake that is ?


Thank you Margot for taking the time to answer our interview! we will see you at the World Model Expo 2022!

My pleasure to Colle21, and I really hope that for everybody that we can have great times with each again.

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5504 RM Veldhoven (NL)

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