Net of the undeniable suggestion offered by Stresa kissed by Lake Maggiore, the impeccable hospitality and kindness of the organizers and the locals, the exhibition / competition we were lucky enough to attend managed to achieve several goals of excellence.
Over 2100 models in competition and a total of 2650 pieces on display.
More than 100 military dioramas (record for a competition).
Held at the Palazzo Dei Congressi, a historic location that since 1957 has hosted political events and thematic conventions, the Verbano Model Show 2021 was spent on the weekend of 2 and 3 October 2021. During these days, despite the simultaneous development of the Mille Miglia, the exhibition competition had a great turnout of the public, hosting important presences of modelers and visitors, including international ones.
There are several stands of exhibitors including ours of Colle21 (right in the hall), which as usual offers availability of the color lines of Ammo MIG, figurines, model kits and equipment.
The level of the works (because I can only define them like that) was very high, in some cases even moving.
Realizations ranging from civilian to military, from fantasy to sci-fi and mecha (Obviously not missing Gundam.N.d.Mirage)
Excellent, and certainly difficult, the work of the judges who had to decree the winners choosing them from all up to the situation.
I was able to be part of this event and see each model up close, I consider myself really lucky.
Below you will find the list of winners of the 2021 edition of Verbano Model Show, and a (very small) selection of models.
Ah, I forgot: I’m Marco, and I collaborate with Colle21. For those who know me my greeting is familiar, for all the others I hope it will become so soon. Stay with us for more in-depth articles.^^

Beautiful Zeon!

Author: Marco Mirage Colloid Passionate collector since I can remember, among the major collections it is certainly worth mentioning that of Myth Cloth. Later I approached the Gunpla world to become the Admin and Vice President of the Gundam Employee community. I am also responsible for the development and management of Gundam dipdente workstation groups, called GD Side, for Italy. In 2018 together with Teachan I created my most important project: Gunpla Chronic, a crew of enhancement and dissemination of contents ranging from work in progress to tutorials, from workshops with groups of all ages to dealing with news and interviews. My goal is simple: to get as many people as possible into these irresistible model kits, modeling and the Gundam universe. My motto is: Bella zeon!

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