Today is the big day!

Dear Friends Modellers

Today is the big day

It’s time to publish the photos of the 1′ Online World Model Challenge by Colle21 & Ammo Mig.

First of all, they wanted to thank all the friends who immediately agreed to participate in our initiative by signing up for the Challenge.

We apologize for the delay in publication, due to the large unexpected number of models submitted 846 (ACCEPT 750) and various anomalies on registrations. (Not complete).

More than 4000 photos to select and divide into the various categories, of the 350 subscribers.

We have also lengthened the time due to the renaming of photos in order to make the inscriptions anonymous.

It was a deliberate thing, because we wantthe Talent, Passion and Transparency to win.

Being an innovative project, created at a very particular time and in a short time, if you find anomalies or errors at the time of the publication of the photos (Tomorrow) thanks to report them, we will try to remedy them in a short time.

at 17H the photos were published in the various albums created in the previous days on the Colle21 page at the same time the judges received by email the various complete albums with 5 photos for each registration received of the Challenge, divided by category in a totally anonymous way.

The photos of the models published on the various albums will compete at the election of the “People’s Jury” Award, will win the model or figurine that will receive more Likes.

NB: Only Likes will be counted within the photo of the template in the Albums on facebook page COLLE 21.

Likes will not be counted on other albums or profiles, so the advice is to share the link corresponding to your photo and make sure the Like is successful.

Voting will end on June 14th at midnight.

Likes that arrive after midnight will not be taken into account.

The winner will win the New Kit Pro Evolution Colle21 and a purchase voucher of 200.00 euros with the shipping costs offered.

We thank Iin in advance all 9 Judges:

Max Lemaire, New100

Massimo Busolini

Jorge Porto Del Corral

Fabrizio Fabrimore Marini

Dario Biancheri

Mark Riolo

Luke Zed, New10

Gennaro Zappa

Claudio Monaquino

that in friendship and in a totally free way have given their full availability.

We wish them a good job, not easy given the high level of the models presented.

We thank all traders and associations who have given the special prizes: and that they themselves will choose live Live to whom to give them.





We thankAMMO by Mig Jimenez and Mig Jimenez Martin for agreeing to join us in this project in honor of Elizabeth Wiese, for her continued friendship and her high professionalism.

We thank Claudio Domeniconi for his assistance and friendship.



Magali Carthalade

Graziano Ghetti

Casu Danilo

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