TTH027: Typhoon Air Compressor Piston Type. 1/6hp - 220-240V 50Hz with air tank 3lt.

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FEATURES: 1. air reservoir for smooth, zero-pulse air flow. 2. Air pressure gauge, air filter, adjustable pressure. 3. Piston type; oil-free. No polluted air. 4. can start with air, continuous, powerful work. 5. AUTO-START and AUTO-STOP function. 6. heat-protected interior 7. Low noise level, 47 dB. 8. Safety protection devices for air tank. 2. AREAS OF APPLICATION: The TTH010 airbrush compressor, together with the TTH011 airbrush, can be widely used for painting model kits, figurines, miniatures, cosmetics, tattoos, tanning, nail paints. It can also be used to provide a source of air for medical purposes, environmental protection, aquatic industry, food industry, chemical industry, laboratory, etc. 3. SPECIFICATION Type: Single cylinder piston compressor with air tank. Power: 1/6 HP Speed: 1450/1700 rpm Air flow per min/litre: 20<30L/min Automatic stop, start at 3 bar (43 psi), stop at 4 bar (57 psi) Operating pressure: 0 > 4bar Air tank: 3.0L Weight: 5.2kg Dimensions: 310x130x310mm. Suitable for airbrushes with 0.2mm > 1.00mm nozzle

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