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1-Painting Booth.Portable vacuum booth with LED light for painting all model aircraft and various crafts, etc. Includes turntable, exhaust extension pipe, LED light. Includes turntable, exhaust extension hose, LED light,An excellent booth that's easy to set up and use. Convenient to carry. Easy to use when deployed; Transparent suction booth helps control spraying.

1-Compressor Typhoon piston air compressor, 1/6hp - 220-240V 50Hz with 3lt air tank.

1- Airbrush TRINITY : The new Titans Trinity (three-in-one) airbrush is a solidly built, reliable tool. With its very sturdy body and the ability to adjust the amount of colour delivered by the rear screw, the new Trinity comes in a very elegant shape and with a pack full of accessories.

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