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Accurate colors to paint tools of German army, 12 jars 17mL

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The most comprehensive set for painting all the small on-board gear and tools carried by WWII German vehicles. These items are of special interest to modelers due to the German practice of storing almost all the tools on the outside of their vehicles. In most cases the storage of tools and other equipment was standardized and presented a fairly uniform appearance in their colours and materials. The ideal selection of AMMO acrylics for all WWII German fans, never again wonder which colours to use on your Panzer III, Tiger I, or Sd.Kfz. 251 halftracks.    The set includes all the necessary colours for the majority of WWII German military vehicles and ranges from the periscope glass colour, tail lights, and metallic tools, and includes two tones for wooden parts. This set also includes the most common German base camouflage colours of Panzer Grey and Dark Yellow for painting jacks and fire extinguishers that were painted in these tones even when the rest of the vehicle was camouflaged in different colours. An aluminium colour is also included for accurately represent chipping effects on the various gear and equipment. Included colors: A.MIG-0002 RAL 6003 OLIVGRÜN OPT.2. A.MIG-0008 RAL 7021 DUNKELGRAU. A.MIG-0010 RAL 7028 DUNKELGELB (MID WAR). A.MIG-0014 RAL 8012 ROTBRAUN. A.MIG-0040 MEDIUM RUST. A.MIG-0046 MATT BLACK. A.MIG-0049 RED. A.MIG-0093 CRYSTAL RED. A.MIG-0096 CRYSTAL GREEN PERISCOPE (AND TAIL LIGHT ON). A.MIG-0138 DESERT YELLOW. A.MIG-0191 STEEL. A.MIG-0194 MATT ALUMINUM.

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