Extra Thin Cement Ammo Mig by Colle21.Ideal for Modeling and DIY.


Extra Thin Cement Ammo Mig by Colle21.Ideal for Modeling and DIY.

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Extra thin Cement Ammo MiG by Colle21,

ideal for modeling and DIY.

30 ml. Quick glue for Polystyrene plastic

Extra Thin Plastic Cement

Hold the pieces together, apply the cement on the joint

and he attracted himself into space by capillary action.

Dry completely in 10 minutes.

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Extra thin Cement Ammo Mig by Colle21

30 ml. a quick glue for polystyrene plastic.

Extra Thin Cement Ammo Mig by Colle21 of medium density and high strength for the assembly of plastic model models.

Extra Thin Cement Ammo Mig by Colle21 il est particulièrement utile pour le collage de gros composants nécessitant une liaison initiale forte.

Clean the contact surfaces before applying the productExtra Thin Cement Ammo Mig by Colle21.

Extra Thin Cement Ammo Mig by Colle21 will allow you to move and adjust the pieces for a few seconds before it begins to harden.

Extra Thin Cement Ammo Mig by Colle21 dries completely in an hour and leaves no residue.

This adhesive can be easily sanded and reworked once completely hardened.

Extra Thin Cement Ammo Mig by Colle21 extra fine plastic dries completely in 10 minutes.

In 10 years, Colle21 has created a range of ideal and indispensable products for modeling, DIY, dental prothsists, ongleries, bodybuilders and other activities.

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