Colle21 Professionals Kit

Colle21 Professionals Kit


This Kit Includes:

3x Colle21 Super Glue (21gr)
1x Colle21 Super Glue Gel (3gr)
1x Activator21 Spray (200ml)
2x Magicdust21 filler (40gr bags)
3x Sanding files: (240gr/180gr/150gr)
1x Clean21 sponge

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This professional kit can be used in many situations such as DIY jobs and repairs or creating models. Including everything you need to do a perfect job! – 1x Glue 21 Super Glue (21gr) – 1x Glue 21 Cyano black – 1x Activator21 Spray (200 ml) – accelerates the gluing of Colle21. – 1 x Magicdust21 (30gr bottle) to plug holes – 5 x abrasive files: (240gr / 180gr / 150gr / 120gr / 100gr) 1 x Activator 21 liquid, 1 x cement AMMO MIG 21, 1 x White glue AMMO MIG 21 for wood and plexis, 1 x Primer for PP-PE-PTFE plastics, Nozzle.
Colle21, associated with Magicdust21, makes it possible to glue various materials such as aluminum, metal, plastic (with the exception of PE, PP, PTFE), ceramics, wood, porcelain. Quickly and easily. Thanks to the latest generation of Magicdust21, cracks and holes can now be replaced and repaired with an ultra-sticky powder. Ultra-adhesive and extremely resistant adhesive: the Colle21 cyanoacrylate glues in only 10/15 seconds and withstands a temperature of about 150 degrees Celsius with a resistance of 180 kg / cm2. Product Safety: This article is subject to specific warnings and safety instructions. Caution: Use this product under the supervision of an adult. Caution: Contains odors that can cause allergies. Caution: Use protective equipment. Do not use on public roads. “


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