Colle21 Complete Kit

Colle21 Complete Kit


This Kit includes:

1x Colle21 Super Glue (21gr)
1x Colle21 Super Glue Gel (3gr)
1x Magicdust21 Filler (40gr)
1x Clean21 Sponge
1x Nozzle applicator
3x Sanding files

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The Complete kit can be used in many situations such as DIY works and repairs or model making. 1x Colle21 Super Glue (21gr) 1x Magicdust21 Filler (30gr) , 1x Cement AMMO MIG, 1 Primer 21 for plastic PP, PE, PTFE, 1x Activator 21,  Nozzle applicator   3x Sanding files  Colle21 in combination with Magicdust21, allows you to glue a variety of materials such as: aluminum, metal, plastic (excl. PE, PP, PTFE), ceramic, wood, porcelain. Quickly and easily. Thanks to the latest generation of Magicdust21, cracks and holes can now be filled and repaired with an ultra-sticky powder. Using Colle21 and Magicdust21 together creates a kind of welding and therefore offers additional support for the repair. Ultra-adhesive and extremely strong grip: Colle21 cyanoacrylate dries in only 10/15 seconds, is resistant to a temperature of about 150deg (celsius) with a resistance of 180 kg/ cm2. Product safety: This article is subject to specific warnings and safety instructions Caution: Use under the supervision of an adult Caution: Contains scents that can cause allergies Caution: Use with protective equipment. Do not use on public roads.”


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