Colle21 Complete Kit. Line of ideal and indispensable products for Modeling, DIY,

Colle21 Complete Kit. Line of ideal and indispensable products for Modeling, DIY,

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This Kit Complet Colle21 includes:

1x Colle21 Super Glue (21gr)

1x Cement Ammo Mig Colle21 (30g.)

1x Magicdust21 Filler (40gr.)

1x Activateur21

2x Nozzle applicator

3x Sanding files Lime21.

1x Primer 21 for Plastics

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Colle21 Super Glue – 21gr. Anaerobic Cyanoacrylate for modeling and bricolage Ideal for bonding rubber, metal, ceramic, wood, leather, cardboard and plastic (excl. PE, PP, PTFE).

Colle21 is a multi-purpose, anaerobic Super Glue, Cyanoacrylate.

Colle21 Ultra-adhesive and extremely resistant glue: glue cyanoacrylate glues in just 10/15 seconds with a continuous pressure of 2 pieces.

Super Glue Colle21 glue with cyanoacrylate and modeling and bricolage is resistant to a temperature of about 150 ° C.

Colle21 (cyanoacrylate glue) has a resistance of 180 kg / cm2.

Thanks to the precision straw included in the bottle, Colle21 (cyanoacrylate glue) is easy to use and is applied precisely without wasting even a drop.

Colle21 (cyanoacrylate glue) can be used in DIY, modeling, repair and nail reconstruction.

Super Glue Colle 21 is ideal for bonding leather, wood, ceramic, rubber, iron, metal and plastic (excl. PE, PP, PTFE)

Pressure adherence in 10-15 seconds, for this type of plastics and difficult-to-bond materials Prymer21 is recommended.

Glue Cyanoacrylate is resistant to water, shocks and vibrations.

The main advantage of having a cyanoacrylate glue is to make your work even more precise and resistant.

You can easily clean the precision straw by immersing it in the acetone after using it.

Super Glue Colle21 MUST BE STORED AT AMBIENT TEMPERATURE, do not expose it to sunlight and do not store it in the fridge.

Product safety: this item is subject to specific safety warnings and instructions not suitable for children without adult supervision. Warning: contains fragrances that can cause allergies, attention: use with protective devices, look at safety data sheet.

Precision polyethylene straws with 22GA diameter ideal for all the Colle21 Cyanoacrylate Super Glue.

The drinking straws allow precision bonding by dosing the Colle 21 cyanoacrylate glue in small doses.

Precision Straws can be cleaned by dipping them in the acetone 2/3 times to be able to use them several times.

Magicdust21 Glass Powder Filler ideal for model making and DIY to use with Super Glue Cyano Colle21.

Magicdust 21 Glass Powder is perfect for filling holes in cracks, reconstructing any broken or missing pieces and strengthening the adhesion of two surfaces.

The combined use of Super Glue Cyanoacrylato Colle21 and Magicdust21 Glass Powder is ideal for all do-it-yourself applications, model building, restoration and repairs on all types of materials.

Use the 3 Lima21 to prepare the surfaces before gluing.

When to use the Magicdust21 Glass Powder??

When the 2 pieces to be glued do not match.

When our model or object is broken or fragile.

When we lost one of the parts to be glued.

How to use the filler: Apply a drop of Super Glue Colle21 on the surface and then slowly pour the Magicdust21 filler powder onto the crack.

Repeat the operation several times if necessary.

Once the operation is finished, you can smooth the surface worked with Magicdust21 Glass Powderand eventually paint for a nice final touch.

Extra thin Cement Ammo MiG by Colle21,

ideal for modeling and DIY.

30 ml. Quick glue for Polystyrene plasti

Extra Thin Plastic Cement

Hold the pieces together, apply the cement on the joint

and he attracted himself into space by capillary action.

Dry completely in 10 minutes.

PRIMER 21 For Plastics PE, PP, PTFE, Glass, Plessiglass,Polystyloro.

Primer21 base for bonding difficult plastics such as PE, PP, PTFE, glass, plessiglass, polystyloro, to use Primer21 correctly: Apply the product with the supplied brush on both edges to be glued to prepare the surfaces before bonding, wait 30 to 40 seconds for the product to work, it is advisable to repeat the operation 2/3 times .

Now we can proceed with the gluing by applying the Colle21 Super Glue Cyanoacrylate.

Activator21 accelerates the drying and gluing of Super Glue cyanoacrylate Colle21.

The Activator 21 Cyanoacrylate Super Glue, activator can be applied in two different ways:

Before gluing Apply the activator on one of the two objects / pieces you want to glue and wait until the spray then apply Colle21 on the other object / piece, quickly join the two surfaces and wait for the glue to dry.

After bonding: Apply the Super Glue Colle21 on one of the two objects / pieces you want to glue, join the surfaces, then spray the Activator21 on the joint and wait for the glue to dry, doing this will speed up the gluing time ( it is possible to repeat the operation several times to better glue and reinforce the piece in question).

The Activator21 is transparent and leaves no marks on the treated surface, it is not aggressive with paints and does not leave a lot of odors but it is advisable to use it in a ventilated room.

For a homogeneous result use the Activatore21 spray at 30cm from the surface.

Activator for cyanoacrylate Activator 21 can be applied thanks to its nebulizer included in the 200ml can.

Colle21 over the course of 10 years has created a line of ideal and indispensable products for Modeling, DIY, Dental Prosthetists, Unghierie, Body Shops and other activities.

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