Mister Richard Poisson by Colle21

Hello everyone, today we will have the pleasure to interviewRichardPOISSON, friend ofColle21 and companion at many exhibitions in Europe, and in the United States New York and Chicago.

Richard Poisson by Colle21
Richard Poisson by Colle21

He is a great figurist and a great international jurist.

Richardhow was your passion for modeling born?

This passion was born at a very young age.

Richard Poisson by Colle21
Richard Poisson by Colle21

I started like most children to make models, and then being interested in the story, I started making figurines.

At the time, the figurines were rare, I then made soldiers of the brand “Historex”, these were carved by “Master Eugene Leliepvre” I assembled them and then painted them with Humbrol paint.

Richard Poisson by Colle21
Richard Poisson Stand Colle21 in Chiacago

Acrylic was not yet on sale in stores.

At the same time, I was very attracted by the fantastic reading, but there were no such figurines, fortunately we find now at will, from the best to the least good.

Since when?

I was 12 years old at the time, then I stopped at 16 to enjoy other pleasures of life, girls, hitchhiking, rock’n roll etc.

Richard Poisson & Casu Danilo New York 2016
Richard Poisson & Casu Danilo New York 2016

Hunt the natural, he always comes back, 20 years, going to the living room of the model in Paris, It was love at first sight for the figurine that has not left me since.

Richard, yourreputation, how did you start?

I started to make myself known in the 1990s, by joining the club “Friends of the figurine” which at that time was called “Friends of Historex” in reference to the famous brand.

Richard Poisson by Colle21
Richard Poisson by Colle21

How did you meet the greatest figurist and make yourself known in this world?

I did regular painting demonstrations at the model show in Paris, then in the world of the game.

It was at this time that I started contests in France, then in 1993 abroad. The 1st World Expo 93 in Washington will remain forever in my mind, because I have made friendships with my friends now; Ph.Gengembre, JP Duthilleul, B.Horan and our regretted S.Payne.

Richard Poisson. New York 2016
Richard Poisson. New York 2016

After this WE 93, I had the honor to paint on the halls for the “Hussard du Marais”. This brand was at that time a reference in terms of figurines.

When they told me “you have some painting at J.Ch. Daubenton “it was for me extremely flattering.

Richard how did you meet the greatest figurist and make yourself known in this world?

In the contests of the 1990s, there was still no open judgment.

The rule was limited to the podium judgment.

what i mean is that in each category there were only 3 laureates and no matter the amount of figurines exhibited. Winning a spot was a real challenge.

With the brands Ral Partha, Grenadier, Denizen, I started painting fantastic figures for my greatest happiness.

Richard Poisson. New York 2016
Richard Poisson. New York 2016

Then there was Mithrill, the saga from The Lord of the Rings, sculpted by C.Tubb, whom I met and who enjoyed my work.

With the Prince August team, who have now become my friends, I systematically demonstrated at the Model Show or Game World.

These moments spent on the stand will remain unforgettable.

As far as judgments are concerned, my criteria may vary according to categories and levels.

In the painting category, what seems to me to be primordial is the uniform rigor for history and atmosphere, the harmony of colors for the fantastic world.

For the category creation or transformation, it is of course the finesse of the sculpture, the accuracy of the anatomy, movement etc …

The decor is also important, it must be in my opinion quite minimalist to make the atmosphere interesting, but should not take over and oppress the figurine.

We must also take great care of the composition of the room.

Richard Poisson. New York 2016
Richard Poisson. New York 2016

What advice could you give to someone who would like to start in this area?

I also feel that in our hobbie, there are no secrets and that the essential thing is to take a real pleasure to do what you want and share with others.

Of course, having medals is very pleasant, but you should not be obsessed by this.

Not having a medal does not question your work.

Tell yourself it’s just the appreciation of a panel of judges.

Which techniques do you prefer ?

no matter with what you decide to paint with oil, acrylic, with a brush, an airbrush, the important thing is above all is “PLEASURE”

I know that you have been married over 30 years with an exceptional person, very appreciated in the world of model making. She had to go with us to Chicago but she was not there.

Cesario Catherine
Cesario Catherine

Do you want to talk about it?

After the death of my wife Catherine Césario, 2 years ago, I did a little break.

I did not have the taste or the motivation anymore.

Catherine was an outstanding painter in the art of tin plate and was elected by these World Master peers in Stresa in 2014.

In some French competitions, a special flat tin trophy in his name is awarded each year.

Cesario Catherine
Cesario Catherine

It gives me great pleasure to know that she is not forgotten.

I know that you have a surprise for the next world championships in Vandhoven, do you want to talk about it?

I’m starting to work again for the next WHORD EXPO 2020 in Veldhoven in the Netherlands.

Richard Poisson. Vheldoven 2019
Richard Poisson. Vheldoven 2019

I will make a diorama in a box with lighting and figurines Rackham and Mithril.

It will be very anachronistic and I will thank my friends for their inspirations

With this approach, it will be for me also a tribute to our friend S.Payne, who was the undisputed master of this discipline

Do you use Colle21 products?

Little thought to my friend Danilo, all the lights of my diorama are made with the products “Colle 21“, which I use also to assemble my models and the photoetching.

The world of the figurine has evolved tremendously since the time I started.

There are now the figostages, the internet, the sculpture materials and the commercial figurines which are of a very high quality.

Product Colle21
Product Colle21

Every day, in all competitions we discover new talents of all ages and countries, whether sculptors or painters, historical or fantastic.

As long as I can, I will make the figurine and the model for my greatest pleasure and that is what matters most to me.

Richard Poisson

thank you for giving us some of your time for answering this interview.

See you soon in a future exhibition.

Casu Danilo


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