Interview for Giampiero Bianchi


Interview for Giampiero Bianchi –

Hi Giampiero, how are your modeling projects progressing? We know you are

carrying on a new diorama! Can you anticipate something?


Hello everyone and thank you for your interest in my creations. The new projects

are proceeding well, I am carrying out a new and very articulated work and still

more challenging, but I like to raise the bar with each new job, to find

always new stimuli and new challenges to overcome. I anticipate that the setting

it will be very “cold” ……. in the Alsace area in the winter of 1945.


Your models and settings are highly regarded in the modeling world

static, Mig Jimenez finally awarded you the deserved Best AMMO, at the diorama

Die Gotterdammerung – Berlin 1945. A deserved prize after the medal

gold winner in the same category at our Challenge Colle21. Two awards

awarded by two top judges, Mig and Jorge Porto, what they mean to you

these awards?


I am very happy and honored of these awards that are given to me by

two world-famous model makers, whom I personally admire and respect. In particular

Mig was for me an important reference in improving my techniques

modeling. I participated in one of his workshops in Moson and I have always followed the

his articles on Weathering Magazine and the various videos posted on YouTube …….


Tell us your modeling story! You started alone or someone brought you

inside this fantastic world?


I come from a family of “modelers”: already my father “smodellava” ……. I remember that from

little I saw him busy assembling models of civil aircraft and ships !!! Needs to

he passed on this passion to us so that both my two brothers and I have

started early assembling models. I think I was 12 or 13 when

I bought my first bag of the Airfix: I remember it was the Sherman in scale

HO / 00. Then after some time and some other model came the first

Humbrol color jar (I cleaned the brushes with the acetone my mom used

x the nails …) and then gradually the first files, the abrasive paper etc … etc … .. I mounted a

a bit of everything following the passion that gradually grew: planes, ships, motorcycles,

spaceships, cars…. up to the passion for armored vehicles and later for

the dioramas. I saw the birth of the whole after market that gradually entered the

our hobby and has now become indispensable to obtain a quality model,

starting from photoengraving, to resin conversions, to metal tracks, to the whole

range of colors and pigments etc … etc … unthinkable things thinking back to the first models !!


You have been an international model maker for several years, surely someone has you

supported by helping you, who do you want to thank?


The first great model maker I admired and inspired by was

Verlinden. I remember leafing through his catalogs and was fascinated by his

compositions, so collected and at the same time complete with all the details !! His

style and the ability to stop moments with his compositions have “shaped”

also my way of interpreting my passion for dioramas. Then came the

other great contemporary model makers and in particular Mig Jimenez, Marijn Van Gils

and Shigeyuki Mizuno, who helped me with their works and techniques and

inspired to achieve today’s results ……. my heart really goes to them

thanks !! And then I have to thank my group of “Picchiatelli” that with his

support and travel allowed me to participate in exhibitions abroad and get myself

know also in the European context.


Tell us about the model / diorama that gave you the most satisfaction.


Surely the diorama “Die Gotterdammerung” is the work that gave me the most

satisfactions, not only for the numerous international awards it has given me

given, but also because so far I consider it the most complete work that I am

managed to achieve, from all points of view. Even today I don’t get tired of

observe it: I find that it describes the story I wanted to tell well, I think this

also due to the careful planning upstream of the work and the numerous

positioning tests of the various elements in the various stages of processing, duration

almost a couple of years.


Let’s go back to the contest. We have often seen you interact in our direct, in

occasion of the awards of categories where you have not participated, this means

that the Challenge Colle21 did you particularly like?


Yes I liked the Challenge Colla 21 and it was very interesting to follow all the

categories: I find that there is always something to learn from the work of other model makers, that

they do fashion sketches, sci-fi, car planes, etc … there is always some inspiration, some

idea or some technique that can be “borrowed”. It is also useful and interesting

follow the awards and the comments of the various judges, to understand with which parameters

the various models are judged and assessed if you are on the right track.


Our staff worked hard to offer the best, it was a very long job

but at the same time the appreciation of model makers like you, Fabio Franquillo, Diego

Risiti, Daniele Petrucci, Massimiliano Richiero, Riccardo Casati and many others, gave us

that extra push to organize live shows on the occasion of the awards ceremony. it was

a good idea or do you prefer, for online contests, only the publication of the palmares?


I think the “live” awards were a very good idea !! Although

an online contest during the awards ceremony those emotions were felt that only

a real-time award ceremony can deliver. Your work has been excellent and

appreciated by model makers, also given the numerical presence during live shows.


We decided to adopt this line to give a valid alternative to

modellers used to participate in competitions, in a period like this of

restriction due to Covid. We believe it is to create an event to make comunity

served to ease some pressure after the lockdown. Precisely for this we are

already working on the second edition, you would like to help us and become part of the

our team?

As mentioned above you have had a very valid idea that like many other modelers I have

appreciated very much. I would be delighted as well as honored to enter vs. team for

the organization of the next event and any other initiative that may

contribute to the spread of this hobby.


We consider your competition (Picchiatelli NdR) one of the best in Europe, e

we know your ambitions. Colle21 would like to contribute with its stand to

next edition, do you have any information to give us … will it be done or not?

Do you already have an alleged date?


As the “Picchiatelli” Modeling Group we thank you very much for your appreciation:

Unfortunately for this year we have reluctantly decided to postpone the exhibition to

2021 and precisely on 9 and 10 October. Guests and commercial brands that

they had joined have not yet reconfirmed their presence: we hope that

give us positive responses in the coming months. It would be a real pleasure to host too

the Colle 21 stand, which with its products has now established itself as a brand of

great quality.


We have seen from Facebook that your association meets enough

frequently at the headquarters. Of course respecting the safety distance e

wearing the mask, this shows the seriousness of the people who make it

make up. Well done! How many years have you been part of the Picchiatelli? What are the partners with i

which ones do you find best?


I met the “Picchiatelli” Group on the occasion of one of their exhibitions of about ten

years ago in which I participated as an “independent” model maker and I found

immediately a fantastic group of modelers and above all friends. I have decided to

sign up to increase my “modeling” knowledge and share ideas and

experiences: so I joined, as already said, their European trips for

participate in events such as the Moson Show (which has now become an appointment

indispensable), the KMK Scaleworld, the Scale Model World of Eindhowen… ..participate

at these exhibitions and getting to know other European realities was a great stimulus for

my modeling business, as well as a wonderful experience on the human side.


Even abroad everyone is speaking very highly of you, if you do the World Cup

Veldhoven, are you planning to participate?


This positive consideration we have abroad makes us really happy and we

fills us with pride, making us understand that we are working well. For the World Cup

we already had reservations for this year’s edition, which was then suspended. We will be there

anyway, certainly next year.


We too will be there (new lockdowns permitting) at the next World Model Expo,

if you will be there I would like to host you for a demo at our stand, would you like it?


Certainly. Not only would I be pleased but would be honored


We renew our esteem, we do not want to steal any more time but we promise to

contact you soon to propose a new collaboration on the occasion of the new one

edition of Challenge Colle21! Say hello to all the Piacchiatelli!


The esteem you accord me is reciprocated. I certainly greet the whole Group (which

reciprocate the greetings with esteem) and wait for your news for the next edition !!!! TO

soon …… ..ciaoooo !!!



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