Hello dear friends today I wanted to talk to you about

HOBBY MODEL EXPO in Novegro-Milan Italy the next 27-28-29 September 2019 where Colle 21 will participate.

I thought who better than Claudio Domeniconia founding member of NHOMAD, organizer of events and major projects in the world of model-making .

In realtà con Claudio Domeniconi ci conosciamo virtualmente da anni sui social, comunicando in chat essendo utilizzatore dei prodotti Colle21.

On the occasion of the last edition ofModel Expo Italy in Verona 2019where Colle21 participated, I heard about an incredible following, especially considering the presence of Mig Jimenez, Elizabeth Wiese and part of theAmmo by Mig Staff.

But we’ll talk about it later.







Mig Jimenez & Elizabeth-Wiese
Mig Jimenez & Elizabeth-Wiese

Claudio, tell us about you please;

Where were you born?

I was born and grew up in a small town in the heart of Emilia Romagna, a few kilometers from Rimini

Where do you live?

I am lucky to live in Santarcangelo di Romagna, a true diamond of the region!

What do you do?

I am an aerodynamic, that is to say a manufacturer, above all, of aerodynamic parts in the automotive environment, mainly Motorsports.

, I plan and produce everything that is made of carbon fiber in a racing car.

ClaudioI know you have a beautiful family, would you like to tell us about it?

Of course, I have 2 wonderful creatures, my children, that I love to madness and that are my “strength”!

Me and my *sweetheart”, life partner for over 15 years, we do everything to make them miss nothing!

What are your passions?

Here I could bore you, there is so much to say … I will try to be brief: I become passionate about sport bikes when for the first time at 3 years, my uncle took me for a ride with his, when I was old he always taught how to assemble a “Protar model” of Freddie Spencer’s NS 500 HRC!

There I start my love for modeling that partly satisfied my passion for speed.

I started my love for modeling when I started doing rally games partly then having some national satisfaction for my passion for speed

When commitments became unsustainable I resumed static modeling discovering a passion even in fantasy :- sci-fi.

A high absolute passion is the sport, started since I was a child I never stopped swimming and skiing, to date I have tried quite a few in an inconsistent way … football, basketball, gym, martial arts, running for several years and recently Rollerblades , I’m not really bored here …

I also feel an unconditional love for animals … all of them!

But I don’t have time to follow an animal as it deserves, now I have unfortunately not!

In addition, even a bit of passion for American classic cars wich led me to buy a GMC G20 from the 83 replica of the” Van” in the TV series ATEAM of the 80s that I am renovating in my spare time (a project that unfortunately I don’t follow much to the weather limited)

How was the Model Expo Verona project born?


Model Expo Italy in Verona
Model Expo Italy in Verona
Model Expo Italy 2019. Verona
Model Expo Italy 2019. Verona
Maestro Mig Jimenez to Model Expo Italy 2019
Il Maestro Mig Jimenez to Model Expo Italy 2019
Spazio Nhomad to Model Expo Italy 2019.Verona
Spazio Nhomad to Model Expo Italy 2019.Verona





















Tell us well and help us understand this great event that you created at Verona Model Expo

So, let’s make a premise: in reality first we need to know the, NHOMAD, we like to call it an “event sharing system”,

it is an ideal that is becoming a solid reality!

But let’s go step by step, me a little like everyone, I’ve always participated in events invited by a group rather than another, all “individual” groups … talking with friends known on the web we have slowly come to an idea that fascinated us,it was to regroup several sci-fi fantasy modeling groups for a common project and the ideal mentioned above, or the NHOMAD, which is sharing by joining forces and not division because of a rivalry .

This ideal certainly proved to be a winner from a media point of view because when so many people do something shared, interest becomes high, very high!

But above all we have seen that regrouping everyone, with their own “colors” while maintaining their identity, amuses us so much, we are all friends, we all know each other and being together thanks to a passion is the most beautiful thing that can happen in a hobby !!

This is to the elimination of the concept of rivalry and to nurture the union between people, generating also a gigantic “artistic” growth, it is wonderful!

None of us would have imagined it!

The firstNHOMAD event was at a fair in Turin, we were so good that we had to replicate!

So, we consolidated the system at Novegro in September 2018 for the Hobby Model Expo, a small “meeting” aimed at producing tutorials for social and to gain experience by consolidating the work group.

After this, the rumor spread to VeronaFiere management, which asked for our contribution.

Being personally a promoter of “Prochima srl”, present at the reference events and also a founding member of NHOMAD, the idea of extending and enhancing our ideal was so much appreciated by the operators in the sector that everyone has accepted the idea, above all the Model Expo Italy(the Verona modeling event) that I want to remember being the largest in Italy, but also traders, producers and many other enthusiasts!

In short, we have acquired so much strength that fortunately also in Ammo by Mig they were thrilled!

The wonderful people who are part of this great brand have understood the potential and accepted the idea unconditionally, one of the most gratifying moments of my whole life was when Miguel Jimenez himself rewarded me in front of the cameras as a representative of NHOMAD giving me what they call “MINI MEDAL” !!

Award to Claudio Domeniconi from Mig Jimenez.
Award to Claudio Domeniconi from Mig Jimenez.

this thankful is of the NHOMAD everything, not mine!here is an element that has a great value and wants to be a booster for the sharing system,which is the most important.

, we have gradually built a more social and technical network, a network that has proved fundamental, all for traders in the sector, because it stands out multiple sharing , democratic and absolutely friendly sharing with all and throughout the Italian territory stands out!

we are the inspirers of all Italians without difference.

You know, see 15 realities including Ammo by Mig,Kallamity, Ucronic Age, Riccardo Forni, the nu-type Team, the Employee Gundam and all other lesser-known groups to get to the organizers or the Bist and of course the Gunpla Lab (which sees me as a member of the board) here is a wonderful plan to which ALL was, same visibility, same content sharing, same treatment for everyone! It’s nice!

But now I know you’re working on an even bigger project where Colle21will be part of it.

What will happen to Novegro 2019?

Kit Pro 21 cyanoacryalto
Kit Pro 21 cyanoacryalto

Here isDanilo, in this case we see everything engagement in Verona, the product of so much effort and satisfactions that pay off with an impressive strength!

Colle21 was one of the first brands to support us in this new adventure and I must admit that many others have come out of it.

At Novegro for the Hobby Model Expo on September 27-28-29 there will be anNHOMAD meeting point of approximately 240sqm, the stage, shop … and it will even be enhanced with respect to Verona!, the novegro spaces are smaller

we cannot exploit the 450sqm we had in Verona,  will be much less since Novegro Exhibition Park is a completely private and that could not support the same “step”. , the NHOMAD is also very multiform so we will slightly change the format.

There will always be about the same groups but many more activities, here is our real power! We are preparing “demo-diorama” on which to do tutorials and live demonstrations, from Resin Prochima to plasticard, from the most difficult models to treat to colors where Ammo by Mig is indispensable, exactly how Colle21 which has absolutely fundamental products which, as you know, are perfect for modeling but also for professionals!

So many activities at 360 ° on the subject, with a stage always engaged by a very busy schedule!

We will present a new advantage but here I can’t really reveal the surprise!

However it will be a novelty that will be presented live for the first time in Italy and in the world just at the Hobby Model Expo Novegro!

We will consolidate Ammo by Mig and all the guests we had in previous editions, so it will be an opportunity to see the news!

I know you are working hard do you have high expectations?

Exactly, we are really giving everything but now we are united and we are sent, so we raise the level because the data say that there will be so many people, my expectations are high and I do not deny that sometimes I am a little afraid of this Novegro …. The interactions on social media have been really amazing and the responsibility attributed to me is so much!

Why should the public and modellers come to the Novegro Hobby Model Expo?

Good question, “this Novegro Model Expo” will be a turning point, an evolution of what is happening in the world of model making.

After a period of classic modeling, today there still has so much to give and to teach, we will also see many new features that directly consider us protagonists!

So, losing this evolution,it is losing the opportunity to be part of it … it’s a shame!

Then, as you know, you must always evolve, for whom has such important objectives, I speak especially of the future NHOMAD, if we continue like this in the future we should start to select because the requests are impossible to sustain all of them … this is not just for visitors, it also applies to exhibitors and merchants, being a merchant today means “social web” but if you lose direct contact with the public you also lose a part of trust that people rightly claim, that’s why all parties should be present!

Ok Claudio ,thank you for giving us your time during this precious time to make us part of you.

In addition to our Blog where our readers can follow the progress of the project ??

As I have always thought the social channels are FUNDAMENTAL, the NHOMADhas its own page (https://www.facebook.com/NH0MAD/) but also the founding groups will share the contents, or the Bist (https://www.facebook.com/Bistorino/) and the Gunpla Lab which is a true European power thanks to a page that almost 38000 followers (I am sincere, this was what gave credibility to the whole) (https://www.facebook.com/gunplalab/),the group always Gunpla Lab (https://www.facebook.com/groups/GunplaLab/),not least the Instagram profile (https://instagram.com/gunplalab?igshid=u7z1pfvr19gkoltre)but also our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIVjFkN-MhztBJOfpFFgq2Aovviamente),also very important for us is the page of the association, that is that “container” that protects and protects everything of the Gunpla Lab (https://www.facebook.com/Nonsolohobby/)and related Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/260411720705946/)but it’s not over !!

Each post will also share all the groups present at the event, including guests who have a great, great impact!


In short, a cover that cannot be compared!

HOBBY MODEL EXPO 2019. Novegro
HOBBY MODEL EXPO 2019. Novegro



See you soon Claudio

See you atHobby Model Expo di Novegro.


Hi everyone, it was a real pleasure!

Casu Danilo


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