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Colle21 is an anaerobic Super Glue based on cyanoacrylate, it is not instantaneous but must be kept under continuous pressure for 10/15 sec to allow total adherence.

  • Colle21 should be stored at room temperature.
    Optimal temperature between 16  and 17 degrees.
    Do not keep it in the fridge, near heat sources or lamps that develop too much heat.
  • The liquid glue Colle21 is ideal for all types of fast gluing and paste in just 15 seconds.
    The Gel is ideal for application on vertical surfaces even if a little slower to glue.
  • Activator21 is a spray activator used in combination with Colle21. It makes possible to gently and firmly join small sensitive parts without exercising too much pressure.
  • The activator also speeds up the drying of Colle21 cyanoacrylate.
  • The Activator can be applied in two different ways:
    Before glueing: apply the Activator on one of the two objects/pieces you want to be glued, and wait until the spray evaporates. Apply Colle21 on the other object/piece, quickly join the surfaces and wait for the glue to dry.
    After glueing: apply Colle21 super glue one of the objects/pieces join the surfaces, then spray the Activator21 on the joint and wait for the glue to dry .
    Activator21 is transparent and does not leave signs on the treated surface. Use the spray 30 cm from the surface to keep it smooth. Can only be applied by using a suitable air spray valve
    – Once opened use quickly –
  • Magicdust21 is perfect to fill holes and cracks and strengthen the adherence of two pieces


  • How to use the filler:
    Join the 2 parts to be assembled.
    Apply a drop of Colle21 Super Glue on the surface.
    Pour the Magicdust21 powder on the fissure. Repeat if necessary.
    Once finished, you can sand and paint the assembly for a nice finishing touch.
  • The combined use of Colle21 Super Glue and Magicdust21 is deal for every DIY application, model building, restoration and repairs on a variety of materials.
  • Use a sanding file to prepare the surfaces before glueing
  • Before each gluing it is advisable to prepare the surface to be glued with our Lime21 in order to make the parts to be glued clean and rough allowing Colle21 a perfect adherence.
  • It is advisable to remove the glue residues from the hands by washing them with warm water and soap.
    For more resistant points, just use a little acetone.


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