KIT DUST 21 : 1 Colle 21  10g. + 1 Magicdust 21 30g

+ 1 Lima 21 + 1 Precision Drinking Straw.


€ 12.90 colle21

  • Glues 21 10 gr with its cannula to allow precision bonding, the cannula is cleaned with acetone for multiple uses. Ideal for bonding: cahoutchou, metal; Ceramics, wood, leather, cardboard, plastic, except PE, PP, PT, FE.

Magicdust 21 : ideal for filling a hole.Consolidation of the bond of 2 pieces. Paste and consolidate Colle 21 without pressing the 2 surfaces.

-1 LIME 21 Ideal for preparing surfaces to be glued;
Choice of 3 types of different grain sizes to sand all types of material before applying Glue 21 to the gluing area.
The sanding surface is identical on all sides of the file, for preparation on large or small areas to be glued.

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