Framesso di conchiglia

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In the tranquil corners of the world's vast oceans, a color whispers tales of nature's subtle beauty: "Framesso di conchiglia." A Shade reminiscent of the Delicate Inner Curve of A Seashell, it Embodies the Serene Moments where the Tide Reveals Treasures Left Behind. This hue, with its soft pinkish-gray Undertones, is like the Dawn's First Light Reflecting Off the Wet Sands, or the Gentle Caress of A Sea Breeze on a Balmy Evening. It captures the Essence of Untouched Coastal Landscapes and the Age-Old Dance Between the Waves and the Shore. In Every Brush of "Frameo Di Conchiglia," One can feel the embrace of nature, a gentle reminder of the world's simple, yet profound, Wonders.

Powder for Diorama and Nativity Scene Bases by Colle21


Resin: derived from certain plants. DRIED TO REDUCE DRYING Times.

Pozzolana: Of Volcanic Origin, Rich in Minerals and Partly Rocky. Provids Color, Binding Properties, and Water Resistance. Contains silicates of aluminum, calcium, and iron. In Nature, serves as a fertilizer for plants.

Aluminum calcium: contains aluminum oxide. A mix of bauxite and calcium carbonate baked at high temperatures to produce iron and aluminum oxids. Solidification accelerates.


Environmentally Friendly: Composition is Environmentally Conscious.

Quantity: 250g of glue21 power + glue21 vinyl + water = 400 ml of product.

SAFETY: Non-toxic. No Primer Required. Reduced Drying Times, in Just A Few minutes.

Instructions for use:

Mix 60g of Powder, 20g of Glue21 Vinyl glue, and 2 teaspoons of water.

Recommendations use:

After mixing the paste, Spread about 2mm of Product ONTO the Base.

Decorate Quickly (within 5 minutes max).

If More Water is Added, The Paste Become Tough and Harder to Dry.

Possible decorations: Stones, Grass, Gravel, Moss, Twigs, Dry Leaves, etc.

For a Cracked Earth Effect: Use Less Water.

For a dust effect: After Spreading the Paste, Sprinkle and Moisten with a spray.

Coloring: possible with Earths and Pigments.

Dry Use: Ideal as Mortar Between Bricks.

Use as stucco: applicable on various matters, included polystyrene, wood, ceramic, etc. Thanks to the resin, no promer is needed.

For a realistic group: dab with a damp brush after application.

Use as glue: perfect for static grass.

Additional Resources:

For Further Tips and Demonstrations, check out the videos by Francesca Diorama.

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