Italien Style Rénov” is a Society arisen from an experience of 25 years in the business and the communication.

Created by Mister Casu Danilo, born in Turin (Italy) December 31st, 1973, enthusiast of photography, liking the journeys and the animals.

He arrives in France in 2009 and installs his Society “Italien Style Rénov” in France.

In 2013, he created marks multi-use ” COLLE 21 “, an anaerobic cyanoacrylate intended usually for the professionals of the Do-it-yourself, the Hardware, the Model making, Nail bars and Dental prosthetists.


COLLE 21 is very appreciated in the world of the Model, the Figurine and the Creative Leisure today where its performances were able to be verified during several Lounges(Shows) in France and abroad: OSAKA 2013 (Japon) STRESA 2014 (Italy) ONTRAXX 2016(Netherlands), MFCA 2016 Philadelphia (New York) SPIELWARENMESSE 2017( Germany) and soon the WORLD MODEL show 2017 of CHICAGO (United States) MUSEE DES BLINDES 2018 (Saumur) ecc…..


You can find all our current events and our reports on our Facebook Colle 21.

The main peculiarity of Colle 21, at present on the market, is that it is used to the last drop.

His storage requires no particular condition, it is made at room temperature.

Colle 21 is ideal not only for all the works of Do-it-yourself and collage of numerous materials such as the Rubber, the Metal, the Ceramic, the Wood, the Dépron coats and diverse Plastics (except PE, PP and PTFE) but also for works of precision as the Model or the Figurine.

Colle 21 guarantees a strong, precise collage and in safety thanks to his tip “drip”.

Colle 21 is presented in 21 gram packaging, in an unbeatable price, what returns the Glue 21 of an unbeatable value for money

Colle 21 is marketed in box display stand of 25 flasks either in different KIT representatives the whole range of products COLLE 21.

Each of our products is delivered with an instructions for use translated into 6 languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German) containing a bar code referencing the address and phone number(coordinates) of our Company.



Italien Style Rénov” will allow you to put back(let in) the style and the Italian know-how in your house by using products and materials “made in Italy”.

We give our experience for every types of questions, estimate or simple advice.

Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by telephone, we shall answer you as fast as possible.

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