Demo Mig Jimenez

Today was a day full of emotions, starting from the place … Molins de Rei.

A city on the outskirts of Barcelona, where he lives a very nice club, welcoming and passionate about the creation of models … A.C.A.M. “is an association located in Barcelona and dedicated to static modeling. We are a bunch of plastic lovers, who often meet to spend the morning, chat, laugh and share knowledge” to fill this passion, Mig Jimenez came in private, the world star of models. Where with 360 ° demonstrations taught techniques, malice, responding with passion and humility to all the questions asked. Then, the beautiful girlfriend Elizabeth Wiese of Mig-Ammo‘s founder, “Mig Jimenez“, Colle21- slow dry with Ammo Mig have a collaborationElisabeth smile with elegance to accompany him always in his travels around the world and in everyday life .

Demo Mig Jimenez


Myself, Magali and Cruz took advantage and witnessed this beautiful day, presenting the latest news from Colle 21 and the upcoming collaborations with the Ammo-Mig brand.


YOUTUBE Demo Mig Jimenez


Cestino Colle21

Photos reportage of Colle21 in El:

Facebook Colle21

Facebook Colle21


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