Colle 21 shop and Royal Model

Until a few months ago, opening a modeling shop was just a dream for us.

But after more than a decade, spent touring Europe and the world far and wide between fairs and various events, to make the Colle21 brand known, we had to stop because of the global pandemic that has marked our lives and changed in part of our daily life.

It was during the Lockdown period that we developed the idea of ​​making our dream come true, we admit it was not easy, but the desire to leave again and create a meeting place to host meetings and events was too much to give up.

And here we are finally ready to start our adventure, offering a wide range of AMMO by Mig Jimenez products, kits from the best brands such as Takom, RFM, GWH, Amusing Hobby and many others.


However, we wanted to offer our friends and customers a historic brand, capable of transmitting so much passion only thanks to the name. We spent days studying the various historical brands, and in the end we focused on Royal Model, a long-standing Italian brand.

The founder, Roberto Reale, immediately proved to be a helpful person and very attentive to our requests.

However, we must admit that our final decision came after analyzing some parts produced by Royal Model and purchased from another dealer. So all without Roberto Reale knowing about this test.


We were favorably impressed by the quality of the print, some subjects, despite the many details, had no defects of any kind. The packaging is designed to avoid damage to the contents, sometimes caused by the lack of attention of the couriers.

But what impressed us most is the long list of news that will soon come out and that you can find on our website (


Roberto Reale is a real forge, in other words he is the all-round man of the company! And his brand fully reflects his mentality, in fact you can find figures in every scale, constructions, accessories for dioramas and military vehicles in the various scales that are the most popular.

In short, a complete catalog that we can offer you, already available in our store!


So you just have to choose and buy your favorite subject!