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from the idea of The Colle21 Manager Magali Carthalade,in collaboration with Ammo Mig and Graziano Ghetti,we created the first Online World Model Challenge.


In this bad time, when the whole world has been attacked by this damn virus called Covid 19, all of us, on the advice of our politicians and experts, to better protect ourselves we have been forced to stay indoors. As a result the whole world has stopped,businesses, theaters,cinemas and all modeling fairs with their competitions. This online World Model was created Challenge.In reality was created for several reasons, including keeping alive the spirit and conviviality of the fairs and its competitions, confronting us to improve our techniques and to dedicate this contest to a friend recently disappeared; a woman, a wife, a mother and a fantastic person very well known in the world of modeling: Miss Elizabeth Wiese.


You could talk for hours and whole days to describe her, but those who knew her well know what we want to say. Here is all the information and the regulation:


1st Challenge Colle21 By Ammo Mig.


How to register for the Challenge? The Registration of the Challenge must be made by registering by this LINK 17-5-2020 by registering as a user on our website you will access the form to register your model.


The photos will be printed before the18-5 on the Colle21 Facebook page, to be voted on by the public and judges.


The Challenge will end on 5-6-2020.Send by 15-5-2020, (maximum limit date) 4 photos of the model or figurine on all 4 sides plus 1 photo before starting painting (maximum photo size in total 6 mega). Add a brief description of the presented template (e.g. the model scale, the category you want to participate in, and a brief presentation of the template).


The models presented will be judged anonymously (the judges will not be aware of the owner of the model presented, not to influence the judgment) by an exceptional jury chosen by us.


They will be rewarded for each Category:


1st Ranked (for each category), will receive a Gold Medal and a Display Pro Colle21.


2nd Ranked (for each category) will receive a Silver Medal.


3rd Ranked (for each category) will receive a Bronze Medal.


Popular Jury Prize: The Photo of the Model, Figurine or Diorama that will receive more Likes, will win the Category. (A Display Pro Colle21).


9 Categories:


Earthly Military Means:


Judge: Max Lemaire.


Civilian and Military Aircraft:


Judge: Massimo Budolini.


Civil and Military Dioramas:


Judge: Jorge Porto.


Cars and Motorcycles Civilians:


Judge Gennaro Zappa.


Historical figurines:


Judge: Fabrizio Marini.


Fantasy figurines:


Judge: Dario Biancheri.


Post Apocalyptic:


Judge: Marco Riolo.


Mecha and Sci-Fi: Judge:




Civil and Military Ships:


Judge: Claudio Monaquino.


Best Off Show Elizabeth Wiese By Mig Jimenez, will be chosen and delivered by Ammo Mig Jimenez himself. Chairman of the Jury and Organizer: Graziano Ghetti.


Technical and Organizational Support : Dario Biancheri (Grim-Forge Miniatures).


Contest organized by Magali Carthalade, Manager Colle21.